VisualcontainerTV (2018)

Announcement – Daniel H. Dugas | Valerie LeBlanc Live screening: VisualcontainerTV, Milano, IT Our video DREAMS, Oasis Deering Estate Project is playing on VisualcontainerTV until November 8th. The program was curated by Dr. Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilaș and was screened in the 9th INTERFACE Video Art Event last May in Oradea, Romania.

Plants and Palms

Charles Deering’s relocation from Buena Vista to establish his preserve at Cutler involved multi-phased plans. Found among correspondence from those early days, lists of plants and palms to be moved inspired this multi-layered video. PLANTS-AND-PALMS reflects the layered logistics that went into the creation of the estate enjoyed today at Cutler. 4K video Duration: 1 […]


Wandering through these rooms and hallways, fragmented beauty must find a way home. 4 K video Duration: 1 min 22 sec.

Interface (2018)

Our – Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas – video Dreams, which is part of our project Oasis has been shown at INTERFACE|Video Art Event, IXth edition in Romania Conflux selection: Basic Bruegel (Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas), Dreams, 05:58, Canada; Blas Payri, Three glances at Bacome, 04:40, 2016, Spain; Christian Merrill, Collapse, Replace, Rebuild, 01:21, 2018, United States; Damon Mohl, Night Clerk, 01:35, […]

Dream (September 22)

The subject of this dream is Charles’ imagined reaction to the news of his brother’s death. 4K video Duration: 2:12 minutes

Dream (September 21)

Charles has a dream within a dream in which he is overcome by a great sadness. He is relieved that the visions dissipate with his waking reality. 4K video Duration: 1:54 minutes

Dream (September 20)

Charles awakes from a premonitory dream in which many strangers visit their homes but neither he nor James lives there. The letter is almost a question to his brother about his health. 4k video Duration: 1:40 minutes

Miami Time

During a return visit to the city, a cultural marker is seen with different eyes. 4K video Duration: 2 Minutes


Focusing on creatures that appear to live more simple existences, Elusive propose a reflection upon the transitory nature of life. 4K video Duration: 1:48 minutes

What Was It Like

The blue ceramic tiles found in Charles Deering’s bathroom become a window to envision the surrounding wilderness. 4K video Duration: 2:26 minutes

Charles in the tub

The bathtub of Charles Deering becomes the communicating vessel where the Stone House and the environmental preserve meet. 4K video Duration: 1:59 minutes

Joe Summer

  Employed as Charles Deering’s personal driver, Joe Summer chauffeured the Deering car in Florida and throughout Europe. The little information known about him is found in a few photographs. In this video, Joe Summer stands in front of the car. Behind him, images carved on the Stone House rise and fall like a curtain […]

Nature / Culture

Images made to look like the photographs of the American botanist John Kunkel Small are juxtaposed with views of a baseball game between the Miami Marlins and the Pittsburgh Pirates. 4K video Duration: 4:05 minutes