While artists in residence at the (Charles) Deering Estate at Cutler, we read through many historical accounts of the lives of the two brothers, Charles Deering (b. 1852) and his younger brother James (b. 1859). While both were executives at Harvester International, the Deering family business with its head office in Chicago, Charles Deering, the elder brother, was also an art collector and philanthropist. In addition to his position as an Industrial Executive, James Deering was a socialite and an antiquities collector. In his later years, Charles Deering built his winter home, the Stone House at Cutler on Biscayne Bay. James also built his winter home, the Vizcaya Villa, on Biscayne Bay, at Coconut Grove. While the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens showcase state of the art technology of the early 20th century and Mediterranean Revival style architecture, the (Charles) Deering Estate includes a 444-acre preserve of land that sits just outside of Miami’s downtown. While the brothers had many contrasting interests and tastes, they were close. James died in 1925, Charles in 1927.

Throughout our research, we were struck by both the similarities and the contrasts reflected in the lives and work of the Deering brothers. They were present and part of the development of Miami as we know it today. As our ideas formed for stories and videos, we began to think of many aspects of nature and culture contrasted by the lives of the Deerings and in the Miami landscape past and present. In the end, presenting videos juxtaposed on left and right sides of the screen met our need of presenting opposing forces existing simultaneously.

Autres projets/Other projects :
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Visible/Invisible (2016)
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Living São Paulo (2016)
Dichotomy in Black and White
What We Take With Us (2011)