Installation | 2018

While the installation setting lends its structure to videos and videopoetry, photographic stills extracted and featured add new dimensions to the character of time-based art. The photograph as a frozen instant is challenged by the plucking of an image from a series of moving pictures. Working collaboratively on our video series OASIS, the poetics of the Deering Estate, we have been able to isolate specific foci of our collective vision. In this series of photographs and the videos they are pulled from, we reposition the net of composition, altering nodes, reconstructing the implied events and circumstances. While we remake each work through the reconfiguration of placement within a new and current context, our individual takes on time-based arts continue to hold value.


Each set of split screen images (photographic work) relates to a set of two videos. Each image is to be hung on the wall while the corresponding two videos play on two tablets (set up on tripods placed in front of the photographic work).