April 25

Pipeline Trail
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The World Was My Garden: Travels of a Plant Explorer
By David Fairchild

A recently discovered handwritten scrap in the archive has the rough draft of a delightful little poem written by Dr. Fairchild. He notes that he wrote the poem and gave it to his grandson with a handheld lens for Christmas.

“I have a little microscope
I keep it in my pocket
Or up around my neck
As if it were a locket.
It has a little window
Through which I look and see
The great big eyes of dragon flies
And stings of bumble bee.
I watch the little things all day
The bugs and spiders at their play.
I can see their eyes and legs
As clear as clear can be.
I love my books and dolls and toys
And everything that makes a noise.
But I like better just to be
With my little window underneath the tree.”

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