Adaptation – what we did, what we didn’t do October-16–November-1-2017. This account has been gleaned from our travel notes. The main purpose of this latest voyage to South Florida was to pick up additional video, photographs, and audio recordings before moving to the next stage of our OASIS project at the Deering Estate. We started off […]

Paris, Maine

Searching the Past. We are currently working on OASIS, a research residency started in April at the Deering Estate, Cutler, Florida. On September 14, we had the chance to visit Paris, Maine, the birthplace and childhood home of Charles Deering, the estate’s founder. While stopping by the Paris Town Office, Elizabeth Knox assisted us in researching […]

Research experience report

June 25, 2017. What is striking about the Estate and its 450 acres of land is that it continues to exist within the largest metropolitan area of South East Florida. Imagine, a property bordering the Biscayne Bay that will not be transformed by developers, will not be parcelled in lots, will not become the site […]

Opening of Platform 450

  April 23, 2017. Big rain in Miami! Hitting the stovepipe and echoing through the apartment, super that it rains today and not yesterday during the opening.All day yesterday, I felt torn between watching out for visiting artist friends and passing the day with the various tour groups organized at the Deering. Thinking of it […]

April 29

Last day with Kim Yantis and Thom Wheeler Castillo AIRIE X PAMM: Getting the Water Right Saturday, April 29, 2017 2 pm Location: Perez Art Museum

April 28

Video/Audio Mangrove trails Underwater recording around Cutler Creek – Site 9 Boat Basin – manatees (spotted by Viviane Martinez)

April 27

Vizcaya, former villa and estate of businessman James Deering – brother of Charles Deering. Meeting with scientists Kevin, Madison and Christian, scientists / Florida International University

April 25

Video/Sound Pinelands Pipeline Trail Sound Recording The World Was My Garden: Travels of a Plant Explorer By David Fairchild A recently discovered handwritten scrap in the archive has the rough draft of a delightful little poem written by Dr. Fairchild. He notes that he wrote the poem and gave it to his grandson with a handheld […]

April 22

Deering Spring Contemporary “Platform 450,”  a transdisciplinary initiative hosted on the 450 acres of the Deering Estate,  will draw together varied practices that converge on the exploration of scientific data and new technologies as they relate to our natural and historic site. Works on display  demonstrate artistic practices that use virtual reality, microscopic imagery, sea […]

April 21

Installation for the Deering Spring Contemporary Blue figure in the Ball Room / Grand Room Brickell Avenue – Downtown Miami

April 20

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden with Brett Jestrow Thank you to Sissy Doutsiou and the Ινστιτούτο Πειραματικών Τεχνών + The Institute [for Experimental Arts] for this post announcing our residency at the Deering Estate as well as our participation in the exhibition!

April 19

Video Roof Top Stone House Solution Holes Pine Rocklands Interview with Cathy Bird / Fresh Art International

April 17

Video Rooftop Stone House Richmond Cottage Blue Rectangle in Nature With Francis Oliver photographing Charles Deering correspondence  

April 16

Evening at the Deering John Kunkel Small was a botanist who worked closely with Charles Deering to explore and photograph the forests of tropical hardwoods in Florida. Like Deering, we are fascinated by the quality of Small’s photographs and here we tried to duplicate the sensibility of the old images. The State Library & Archives of […]

April 15

Everglades Homestead Pink building / Flamingo Gas Station image of Guy Bradley: State Archives of Florida installation by Adam Nadal While visiting Homestead we went to the Jacobsen’s Antique shop to look for Florida History magazines. We stumbled upon postcards sent to Charles Deering and a pair of bargello chairs that were supposedly from the […]